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Langverwacht Landscaping
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Welcome to Langverwacht Landscaping

Langverwacht Landscaping (Pty) Ltd is a well-established company that was founded in 1990 (as a close corporation and then as a company from 1999), and is based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. Our landscape architecture, landscape and irrigation design and administration offices are situated in Technopark while our technical operation base is situated in the industrial area of Stellenbosch - near to where the majority of our staff live.


The company is one of few that has the capacity and resources to develop a project from the initial design through to the installation and maintenance. We have the following divisions:
• Landscape design
• Landscape installation
• Irrigation design
• Irrigation installation
• Maintenance
• Wholesale nurseries and compost and recycling facility



The design team, consisting of Landscape Architects (SACLAP registered and members of ILASA) and Horticulturalists, has vast experience - from small scale house gardens to large scale master plans. 

We design outdoor spaces for human use and enjoyment, visual impact and the rehabilitation of the natural environment. We draw inspiration from art forms, our heritage, natural surroundings and vegetation.
We strive to achieve a balance between functionality and aesthetics in the landscape design.


The design of irrigation systems is done according to LIA standards. In addition, the plant choices used in the landscape are borne in mind to ensure optimal water-usage.


We promote the development of a healthy environment which we strive to make economically viable in terms of implementation and long term sustainability. Much of this is achieved through the use of plant material that is appropriate for the specific project and location.  In addition, we continually strive to develop and implement new techniques and processes.

We aim to cultivate and create an attractive and healthy landscape though proactive management and horticultural practices.
Langverwacht has 3 wholesale nurseries located in the Banhoek valley and in the vicinity of Winery and Annandale Roads.  The nurseries specialize in the propagation of indigenous plants found in the Western Cape and more specifically, the Stellenbosch-Hottentots Holland region - this is a specific passion and interest. Both tunnel & field propagation takes place.
All green waste material generated from our maintenance projects is used in our compost recycling plant ensuring environmentally sustainable practices.